What are the problems after having Tattoo?

like someone told me that you cant go into a MRI machine coz the ink used in tattoos are magnetic?? is it true???
three of the fellows just said that, for ‘MRI it itched like crazy’ so i ask her: how much does it itche or hurt??
and for 2nd fellow, how many types of ink do they use???
and for the third one, for how long i m not allowed to donate blood??

thanks alot for all ya help

what part of the brain cause paranoid schizophranie?

Is there a disease caused by MRIs?

My mom said she saw a commericla froma lawyer saying call here if this has happened-type commercial. It mentioned people getting really bad sores that develop into psoris and such from having MRIs and back surgeries. Has anyone heard anything about this? My father had to have MRIs done for a back surgery and ended up having the surgery. He developed sores along the scar line and also developed psosisis shortly after, starting at his scar mark. Can not blame poor cleaning of the wound because my sister is a nurse and she cleaned it herself….

So…my question..has anyone heard anything like this happeneding or seen this commercial?

Radiologist Technician?

What Is It Radiologist Technicians Do Exactly?

what laboratory equipments used in biology?

Will getting an MRI burn your skin if you have a tattoo?Help?

Itz really not a big one but when getting an MRI will if hurt if u have a tattoo. answers please.

Is there a doctor in the house…?

i’m writting a short-story about a young-woman who has a brain tumor, and i need to know what type of tests are done, what type there are, treatments, the number of ppl who usually die from them, etc. if you could help me, that would be greeeeeeeeeeeat. you can IM me. even thought my profiles says i’m offline, i’m really online. just IM me, plz no buzzes.

Do you want to use functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the brain activity of Barack Obama?

How can I change the resonance of a transformer?

I’m looking for a “variable resonant transformer” or basically a transformer which I can change the resonance of.

Alternatively, can you provide a link with how to make a resonant transformer tuned to a frequency of my choice?

Magnetic Field Physics Problem?

Can you please help me with this problem?

The magnetic field produced by the solenoid in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system designed for measurements on whole human bodies has a field strength of 11.0 T, and the current in the solenoid is 250.0 A. What is the number of turns per meter of length of the solenoid? Note that the solenoid used to produce the magnetic field in this type of system has a length that is not very long compared to its diameter. Because of this and other design considerations, your answer will be only an approximation.


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